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Advanced Dental Technology & Services – Selbyville, DE

Old-School Service,
State-of-the-Art Care

Dr. Kramer and many of our team members have been taking care of Selbyville and surrounding community smiles for more than 30 years, and even though our friendly, small-town service hasn’t changed over the decades, the way we provide dentistry certainly has. Dr. Kramer works diligently to integrate the newest technology into our dental office so our patients can enjoy shorter appointments, better results, and a consistently comfortable experience. Read on below to learn about some of the state-of-the-art instruments you’ll benefit from when you come to see us.

Woman recieving 3D CT scan

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

iTero Digital Impression System

Digital impressions on chairside computer

Instead of having a patient literally bite down into a mold to create an impression of their teeth, now, all we do is scan the mouth with a small handheld device. Sophisticated software takes these scans and creates a perfectly accurate impression every single time. This process is not only much faster than the old way, but it saves a lot of patients from gagging on the odd-tasting putty as well. It allows our lab to create crowns and other restorations that both look great and can be trusted to fit securely for years to come.

All-Digital X-Rays

Dentist and patient looking at digital x-rays

Did you know that only about 10-20% of your teeth can be seen above the gum line? The rest is hidden, and that’s where a lot of dental problems can develop unnoticed. To make sure we don’t miss anything, we use all digital X-rays during our exams. Compared to traditional film, digital X-rays capture sharper images in much less time, and the process emits about 90% LESS radiation as well. We can even show you your own X-rays seconds after taking them so you’re always on the same page as Dr. Kramer.

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist capturing intraoral images

During your exams, rather than just shining a bright light into your mouth (and eyes), we’ll instead use a small, pen-sized camera to take high-definition pictures of your entire oral cavity. Displayed on a large monitor, these images make it easy for our team to spot even the earliest signs of decay or an infection, plus you’ll be able to understand what your dentist is talking about much more clearly.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

3D CT scanner

It isn’t an understatement to say that 3D cone beam imaging has completely changed the way we’re able to gather information about our patients. Now, instead of just using a 2D X-ray to plan a treatment, we can instead utilize a fully three-dimensional model of the teeth and jaws. This kind of image also reveals the locations of sensitive facial nerves and blood vessels so we can avoid them during a procedure.

TMJ/TMD Therapy

Woman in dental chair smiling at dentist

In front of both of your ears, if you move your mouth a little, you’ll feel your TMJ or temporomandibular joint. Like other joints in the body, it can sometimes develop strain, inflammation, and arthritis, which can lead to a TMJ disorder, or TMD. The most common symptoms are jaw pain, difficulty opening and closing the mouth, and even chronic headaches. Thankfully, Dr. Kramer is very familiar with this condition, so he can both find the source of a patient’s problem as well as treat it using simple, removable mouthpieces.

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Therapy

Sleep apnea oral appliance

Sleep apnea is a disorder where a person briefly but frequently stops breathing throughout the night, drastically lowering their sleep quality to the point that they always feel exhausted during the day. The most telltale symptom is loud snoring every single night. Dr. Kramer can actually provide a solution for both problems using custom-made mouthguards, which slightly reposition the jaw to keep the airway open throughout the night. The end result is that a patient is able to breathe normally, sleep deeply, and stop snoring, which is good news for them as well as their bed partner!

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